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FOX Animation Premieres

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

9/24/07 at
9:58:01 PM

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Gotta say I was disappointed with the season premieres last night of Simpsons and Family Guy.

Simpsons apparently had a few references to the movie, which I didn't see. I thought the episode was very pedestrian.

The hour-long FG show, a Star Wars parody, was mostly a waste of time. I'm not a fan of Star Wars by ANY stretch of the imagination, and no one, not even Seth McFarlane, is gonna top Mel Brooks' SPACEBALLS as parody. FG usually makes me LOL 5-6 times in a normal half-hour..last night I got three, and they had nothing to do with Star Wars...The two AIRPLANE! nods and the tip of the hat to The Blues Brothers..other than that? DULLSVILLE. I'll look forward to the regular season, now that Seth got this novelty out of the way..he obviously enjoyed making it.

King Of The Hill lived up to it's name last was the best of the three.

Looking forward to Thursday's SMALLVILLE opener and may try the new BIONIC WOMAN.


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by Ethan Ethan Profile at 9/25/07 10:11:02 PM


They were plenty of references to the movie, almost all in the intro. It showed the city of Springfield in ruins after the events of the movie. Plus, Spider Pig was sitting on the couch. It was clever and funny. The rest of the episode was above average for the Simpsons these days, but mostly lacking as usual.

I completely disagree with Family Guy. It was a wonderful episode. I laughed half the time. It didn't top Spaceballs at all. It might not even have been better than the Robot Chicken Star Wars episode. I am fan of star wars and thought the "play-by-play" parody was unique compared to the usual "take a few things from the movie and make fun of them" approach. It was so true to the movie as well. Great episode in my opinion. Also, I was only disappointed that they didn't include Joe in it. I thought everyone had appropriate characters except Joe should've been R2-D2 or a rebel leader screaming about something. They even had Meg as the creature in the trash dispenser. I thought that was classic. So I guess we have 180's on this one.

Though the episode of King of the Hill was great, it was predictable. I love that show and I don't want to take away from it, but I knew once they looked at the press boxes that they'd get themselves into trouble by sitting in them. Also, I knew the play would be called and cause the Longhorns to lose. But why should I care, GO BUCKS!!! Solid episode though.

So I'd rate it :

Family Guy- due to liking Star Wars

King of the Hill- due to loving the line "We can show him the hate that makes football so great"

The Simpsons- because they have been downhill for a while,and though I liked the movie, the episode was lackluster and left you wishing the show had ended in its prime

All in all, good lineup.


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 9/25/07 10:31:29 PM

> When I saw this post pop up in my box, I knew it'd be you!! I was even gonna mention in my post that you'd likely chime in, knowing the Star Wars fan you are...I think I DID mention that to Josh in a reply to an e-mail he sent me sharing his thoughts on the shows...FG was the only one he saw, on You Tube, and he's firmly on the "pro" I guess I'm outnumbered...just like being a Son Of Beast fan on the regular board!

I've really gotta watch Spaceballs again some's been years!

What's up with the DRAFT?


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by Ethan Ethan Profile at 9/26/07 5:52:38 PM


Tim is is Canada something. Either way, he's pre-occupied for some reason. If the problem persists too long, I'll get coasterlisa in there, but i hate to do that so late in the game. Especially since Tim's is so original and different, I'd hate to see it left unfinished by the first creator.


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by Rollercoaster_freak220 Rollercoaster_freak220 Profile at 9/27/07 7:32:40 PM

I'm glad I'm not alone on this one! I loved the Family Guy episode.

Nothing will EVER top Spaceballs. It's the ultimate Star Wars parody, but Family Guy, like Ethan said, fallowed the story line so faithfully.

Ok, some more opinions about Blue Harvest (anyone know why they called it that? I don't get it):

I do wish that Joe was in it, but I couldn't see him in any of the roles (maybe R2, but I don't know)

The music was absolutely awsome for the show (Family Guy has always done awsome with their music [whether it's borrowed or otherwise]) I LOVED the elevator music!

Did you all notice that Peter wore his glasses outside his Storm Trooper outfit?

I really wish they had someone else be Obi Wan. The creepy old guy has never sat well with me. Still funny, but mostly disturbing to no end.

I loved the Airplane references. "I just wanna tell you both good luck. We're all countig on you." "And Leia's getting laaaaaarrrrger."

I loved the ending. It was hilarious.

I liked Cleveland as R2, but I thought he was a liiitle to gangsta. Know what I mean? I did love it when he shot the pistol out the windo at an enemy ship.

It was cool seeing Chris have such a large role. He did well.

Stewie is a great Vader.

I loved the Gre Poupon (sp) spoof.

That's about everything I think.


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Re: FOX Animation Premieres by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 9/27/07 10:26:04 PM

I forgot about the Grey Poupon bit! Great stuff!

A "friend" of mine is the biggest STAR WARS fanatic I know..I know two that are equal, but I mean it literally..Dan weighs about 450 lbs. Jabba the Hutt with a beard and muttonchops. He'd probably know what Blue Harvest signifies. But I used the quote marks on "friend" for a reason. He pulled some crap with an on-line note today that didn't sit well with me, and I called him on it..he's done this before, but this one embarrassed me "in front of" friends and family..but I always.

Looks like you, me, and our friend Ethan have this thread all to our bad selves!


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by Rollercoaster_freak220 Rollercoaster_freak220 Profile at 10/2/07 9:56:50 PM

> Looks like you, me, and our friend Ethan have this thread
> all to our bad selves!

> Mike

Yup, it definitly appears that way. I would like it if more people joined in the off topic forums cause, it's pretty fun to have a place to write about the less important matters (rollercoasters of course, are the most important subject of all!!!)


Re: FOX Animation...Week two by beastmaster beastmaster Profile at 10/3/07 9:56:56 PM

Family Guy and Simpsons were still not up to par in the second week. Only the baseball sequence made me laugh on FG.


Re: FOX Animation Premieres by Rollercoaster_freak220 Rollercoaster_freak220 Profile at 10/3/07 10:43:16 PM

Well, Mike. I probably won't agree, but I haven't seen this week's episodes. Oh well.


Re: FOX Animation...Week two by Ethan Ethan Profile at 10/4/07 3:52:44 PM

> Family Guy and Simpsons were still not up to par in the
> second week. Only the baseball sequence made me laugh on
> FG.

I agree. I'd rank this week's lineup as:

1. King of the Hill
2. Family Guy (by default)
3. The Simpsons (they aren't a situation comedy anymore, just a situation enactment at this point)

Sad, the premiere was alright, but the second episode was boring and pointless. The episodes used to be complex and lead into zarre and funny situations, but they are now simple: something happens, conflicts ensue, "climax", and resolution.

They should have ended the show, made either a proper movie to finish the show, or make one heck of an ending episode.


Re: FOX Animation...Week two by Ethan Ethan Profile at 10/14/07 9:29:32 PM

Another week has gone by and I must make another assessment,

The Simpsons:

Synopsis- Marge is caught in a hostage situation where she ends up promising to make a visit to the robber in prison if he turns himself in, but she is afraid to go see him.

Review- It seems the show had a bounce back in the game this week, but I fear they are doomed to be the Browns of the lineup, and they will be in another slump in no time at all. Steve Buscemi made a good guest appearance that was obvious in the commercials, before I heard the voice. I couldn't tell if the other robber was anybody, but it didn't matter by the end of the episode. The show had plenty of good laughs as well as a few literal lol's now and again. I found the "crappy cop" run-ons to be a tad over-down but enjoyable none the less. Also, I found myself surprised when they brought back the amusement park, where you see the real life (or as real as you can be on the Simpsons) version of Dilbert's Flying Cubicle. I didn't think they'd have that theme a third time, but it worked, so why not.

Ranking- 2 (and a close one)

King of the Hill:

Synopsis- The kids on the block find themselves in a situation against some bullies at a local water park, who won't let them surf and have fun, even though Bobby has no other options for fun over the summer, since he spent his "fun budget" on a season pass. This intertwines with Boomhower's self acceptance of his age and Bill's new found fulfillment in being "The Heat-Waver".

Review- If I had to pick a team for this one, I'd say the Patriots. They are proving themselves as the best on the lineup week after week. The story was heart-warming and funny on quite a few levels. You saw very little of Dale, who is my favorite character, yet I loved the episode because it was delivered well without him and his snippets were all top-notch. Plenty of nice for-shadowing and relatable moments in the Corpus Christi scene.

Ranking- 1 (second week in a row)

Family Guy:

Synopsis- The Griffon's are forced to live in Texas where Lois thinks she found a new home based on the higher morality and better attitude in the area, in some respects at least. Rerun.

Review- A good episode, but these guys are the Cowboys of the lineup. But that is only because I can relate it to the current Cowboy status, FG has not done as well as the team. They had a great start and ended up with a near disastrous flop last week which could have cost them, but this rerun doesn't help them at all. It would have lost in the lineup if it was fresh, but this just sends them even lower. I guess you could say this was their buy, but it doesn't matter they find themselves at the bottom of the list again.

Ranking- 3 (this is the newest of the three, and has lost its charm the fastest)

All in all, they need to end. American Dad has been terrible from day one. Family Guy is not that great anymore, and should take a break again, and return to end the show properly. The Simpsons have overstayed their welcome. King of the Hill should end because I'd hate to see them grow stale. Animation Domination is a weakening lineup. there is no place for prime-time cartoons anymore, leave it to late night and Saturday morning. The cultists will stick with it wherever it goes. Really, the Sunday started with The Simpsons success, and it should end with them, soon. And King just needs to end right or I won't forgive them.

If i were to have this point system:

Ranked 1st- 3
Ranked 2nd- 2
Ranked 3rd- 1
Ranked 4th- 0

And I added they're score's, it'd be:

King of the Hill- 8
Family Guy- 6
The Simpsons- 4
American Dad- 0 (by default, I don't watch it and it deserves no points unless I really hated an episode of another show)

This week was close to the same lineup as the overall,and the Simpsons may turn it around next week to take the 2nd place spot.

This is fun, I don't know why. But TV, sports, and coasters are all fun to talk about critically. I think I start the NBC Thursday lineup and compare the week by week play of each "league". that could be fun.