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Jottings on JOLT

Posted: 9/2/07 at 5:53:15 PM
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When I was in college in the early to mid 80's, my non-alcoholic drink of choice was JOLT cola..anyone remember it? That stuff got me through a lot of late nights of cramming and newspaper was pushed as having more sugar and caffeine than other colas.

Over the years since, I lost track of JOLT..I remember seeing fruit flavors at one time, and even found Diet JOLT in a deli in Manhattan once.

Recently, I had a conversation with a co-worker, Jessie, about energy drinks. I mentioned JOLT, and she had never heard of it. I have seen JOLT in recent years, now being marketed as an energy drink. So I told Jessie I'd buy her one when I saw it again, on the condition I got to taste it..So I did. She didn't care for it, but I thought it was SLIGHTLY reminiscent of the taste I remembered..I honestly didn't even expect it to taste like a cola...I anticipated a lousy taste like that of Red Bull and the like.

Does anyone remember the "real" JOLT? I can't figure out from their site if it's still available in its original formula.