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Oct. 2,2007..Classic American Rock and Roll Day?

beastmaster beastmaster Profile

9/2/07 at
5:29:44 PM

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My first NEW post on the Off-Topic board!..sniff,sniff..such a proud moment..I'd like to thank everyone at URC who made this possible, especially Eric!..ok, speech over!

Due to whatever confluence of factors, or simply a wonderful coincidence...October 2 will see the release of new albums(I still call 'em that, yep.) by not only Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (MAGIC)..but also John Fogerty (REVIVAL).

I've been listening to Springsteen since I was 9, and was always a fan of CCR once I heard them as a youngster...I vowed years ago I would never spend $100 for a concert ticket. I broke that vow in 2004, I believe it was, when I saw Bruce and the Band headline the VOTE FOR CHANGE concert here in NJ..they did their own set AND backed John Fogerty!...Jackson Browne and Eddie Vedder also appeared. So I saw three Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and one future one..same stage, same night, for that 100 bucks..Money well spent..I've seen Bruce only 5 other times..including once unannounced with Joe Grushecky at the Stone Pony. I saw Fogerty in '05 with John Mellencamp..Fogerty's set that night in Holmdel was the best pure old fashioned rock and roll set I ever needless to say, but I will, I'm really looking forward to October 2.

But that's not even the best part. I work in the ticket office at a performing arts center. When I started working there more than ten years ago, I had a "wish list" of five performers I hoped would play there. Those artists were: Springsteen(not gonna happen); Tom Petty(ditto); Weird Al Yankovic(was in negotiation this summer, didn't happen); the late, great Warren Zevon(can't happen, for obvious reasons.) That leaves John Fogerty...details are still to come, but it looks like THAT wish will come true, probably in November!...I am so PSYCHED! I may have to break that vow again, although ticket prices have not been, Bruce has announced dates locally in birthday's week after next, so I may have to treat myself to something OTHER than coasters!

Anyone else on here fans of these guys?..I know there's a couple of Yankovic fans..snoozypooh, MommaBeast, and Ethan...anyone else wanna chime in?