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No, my name isn't "Lumpy", but do pray/ think about me

SirWillow SirWillow Profile

1/19/07 at
7:47:58 AM

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Just in case anyone is wondering about the couple of obscure references I made in a couple of my posts, here's what's going on. This last week I started feeling some major pain and discomfort in a certain area. So for my birthday I was in at the doc's, then sent out for an ultra sound. In the process they found some sort of growth or tumor. Don't know what it is yet.

I'll be in for more tests, exams, and hopefully treatments on Thursday of this next week. And hopefully we'll come out with some knowledge of what exactly I'm facing, and how long to deal with it. In the meantime I'm kind of stuck at home since I can't move around real well with it, especially not when the pain is kicking in, and since work doesn't like me in and out and would prefer that I was just out until it's taken care of.

So hopefully we'll get it taken care of soon. In the meantime, if you're a praying person, say one for me as well as our finances since being out of work for a while isn't going to do an already tight budget any good.

Re: No, my name isn't "Lumpy", but do pray/ think about me by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 1/19/07 11:43:18 AM

I'm sorry to hear that I hope you're all well very soon.


Re: No, my name isn't "Lumpy", but do pray/ think about me by SirWillow SirWillow Profile at 3/1/07 2:11:32 PM

Well, I have good news, bad news, and good news from my visit with the doctor today.

The first bit of good news- I don't have to see this putz of a specialist anymore. I don't think I've ever come accross a doctor more unhelpful and oblivious to the patient in my life. A veritable black hole of information- meaning nothing comes out of him or his staff. But I'm done with him after today! yay!

Bad news- turns out that the growth was cancer, so we're not quite through with all of this yet.

Good news- If there's a type of cancer that is "good" to get, this is it. Combined with having caught it early (at least that's what I think he implied) this shouldn't be that big of a deal to take care of.

I get to see my regular doctor on Monday, then an oncologist as soon as I can get an appointment. They'll be doing more tests, including CAT scans to verify everything, but from what the doc today muttered, I probably have little worries about it having spread or any other problems. He said that I would probably only need a radiation treatment or two and that was very likely to be it, never to have to deal with it again.

So that's where we're at, more waiting. But overall, it's not to bad. And it was nice finally getting the staples out and being able to walk around a bit today feeling almost normal. I've missed that over the last month and a half. But it does look like it's still going to be a bit til I can get back to work. So please keep praying for us there.

As I find out more I'll be sure to let you know.

Re: No, my name isn't "Lumpy", but do pray/ think about me by Overbanked Overbanked Profile at 3/15/07 5:17:11 PM

Hey George, I'm praying that everything goes well concerning your recovery.


Re: No, my name isn't "Lumpy", but do pray/ think about me by MommaBeast MommaBeast Profile at 9/2/07 12:09:25 AM

Wow...I rarely venture off the Coaster forums, but it sure seems like I should since I miss so much information.

Since this thread is so old, please let me know how you are doing currently.

Prayers definitely sent your way...right now as a matter of fact.