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Ethan Ethan Profile

10/7/06 at
8:49:41 PM

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I'm not a big fan of the sport, but I guess there are other sport threads, so we might as well have this one.

I went to a Cavs scrimmage 10-07-06 at Akron U. Wine vs Gold. Wine won. I don't remember the score because we left to get ready for autographs.

Mr. Glass (his screen name) got a basketball signed by David something. I know, I'm not very informative. Maybe he'll give a better report. LeBron blew everybody off. I was ticked. The guy everybody wants to meet has to blow off his fans like they are absolutely nothing! If I was famous I would be signing autographs everywhere I went for anyone I met. It would be fun to sign things for screaming fans. I don't get some people. Most of the players blew us off. But we still had a good time.

I probably won't even say much on this thread, I'm just trying to do some people a service.


Steelers Suck!

Re: Basketball! by Ethan Ethan Profile at 12/28/07 3:19:25 PM


It's been a while and no posts. I don't care, but I've been getting into sports in general and I'm glad to see the Cavs starting back on the track. It went from a terrible losing streak without Wild Thing, the King, or Hughes, to firing up against the Pacers and then losing the the Knicks and Warriors while beating a red hot Lakers. But now we have two wins in a row again. We beat the Heat (not tough this year), and the Mavericks.

Let's go Cavs,

Re: Basketball! by Ethan Ethan Profile at 2/17/08 12:33:33 AM

I know I'm the only one who cares, but I must post after what has happened.

DANIEL "BOOBIE" GIBSON of the Cleveland Cavaliers won the MVP for the Rookie Challenge game. AND he came in second in the 3-Point shoot out to last years champion Jason Kapono.

And we might see another CAVS MVP if LeBron leads the East to win the All Star Game.


Re: Basketball! by mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile at 2/21/08 8:59:01 PM

Replies are very slow in the off-topic forum it seems. I posted that message looking for advice on skiing, and after a few weeks Eric answered (probably just feeling bad nobody replied after so long.) But I'm really not into basketball, so I have nothing to say. Sorry, but at least you have a reply that wasn't your own ;>)

Re: Basketball! by Ethan Ethan Profile at 2/22/08 3:41:33 PM

Yeah, I just have to say something sometimes. BTW, Cavs got a good trade yesterday that should fill a lot of holes in our game.