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golf and coaster vacations


9/21/06 at
7:05:37 AM

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For the last two years my golfing buddy and I, both "feel the need for speed", have gone to play golf in Northern Ohio. It's 18 holes in the AM and CP in the afternoon. We will do it again tne third week in August next year - many children are back to school.
Any similarly inclined golfers are invited to join us. We like competition on the golf course, so a small group of avid golfers and coaster riders would increase the experience.
Of course CP isn't the only venue in our plans, but next year will be there due to the Maverick opening. We are considering a combination of Southern and Northern Ohio to visit two parks and a variety of golf courses.
No solid plans for the '08 season. We will be reviewing other parts of the country to experience a variety of coasters and courses.
Interested parties are encouraged to reply.