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Edgewater Park Detroit Mi.


8/27/06 at
11:24:19 PM

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I was wondering if any readers worked at The Edgewater Pk. at 7 Mile & Lahser Rd.? I worked there for about 4 years there, in fact that is where I met my wife. She was opperating the Big Ferris Wheel there at that time 1969. Ford Motor U.A.W.Local held a lot of family picnic there.

Back in the early 50's they had Power boat's that had small in-board motore that pushed them around an oval tank about 100'x 50'.
When ever it would rain most of the lower part of the park had to be closed because of flooding and it took about Two days for the water reseed.
There was also an Airship ride there that had to be entered by walking up a flight of stairs and walking out on a platform to board the ride.
I was a Security Guard there and the company that had the account for many years was called Banks & Fritz.
Most all the guards carried guns at the time.
The Corn Dog's and the French Fries W/Vinegar that was sold there was just fantastic I never had better.

The Seven Mile Road Bus that came up to the the Park brought people from the far East of Detroit right up to the enrance to the Park then took another full load of people back.
Milton Wagner was One of the owners and he used to patrol the park in a Golfcart. He and his brother also owned the Amusement Park called Walled Lake That was about 17 Miles N/W of Edgewater Park. I just enjoyed this little walk down memory lane, hope to hear from someone who also worked at the park.. Yours-Truly