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Where's my key?!!

kdleader kdleader Profile

8/27/06 at
11:00:43 PM

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Over 150 trips to amusement parks in six years (mostly Hershey) and I finally managed to lose my car key. Unfortunately it had to happen 300 miles from home at Geauga Lake, an hour before the park closed and I had not brought a spare key!

Thanks to Geauga Lake guest relations and police officer, On-Star, Saturn Roadside Service, the local Saturn dealer, and the towtruck driver, all turned out okay. Cedar Point's Breakers Express also gets a thank you for not charging me for my first of three nights when I was a no-show. We stayed at the Geauga Lake Hotel since I couldn't get a key made until morning.

The new key wasn't going anywhere at Cedar Point. I unlaced my shoe, slipped the key onto the laces and re-laced my shoe.

Has anyone else experienced the lost key?