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Howdy, just joined from GA.


6/21/06 at
8:17:49 PM

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Hello, everyone.

I hail from Georgia about 40 minutes from SFOG. I actually work across the street from the park! Convenient, eh? Before anyone asks, yes, I've ridden Goliath (19 times this year) and I have a season pass.

To be honest, when I was a kid, I was scared of rollercoasters until I was 15 years old. It all started when I was four or so when my parents along with me and my sister rode Matterhorn in Disneyland in California. That ride put the fear in me. Eleven years later, I faced that fear again (and broke it) on the same ride. Well that was back in 1990--a year before moving to Georgia.

Anyway, I guess I'll be offering some commentary on coasters here in GA. Anyway... Howdy!