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Travel to Italy


3/8/06 at
1:26:01 AM

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Visiting Italy in Western Europe is a great idea. There are some very beautiful places in Italy which are meant to be seen, e.g. Tuscany, Florence, Rome, Venice etc... These areas are Rich Cultured, Lush Green, Away from hectic of City Life. You can have an Italian Food and Italian Wine Tasting, SPA and Pool Bathing Experience there. Italian Resorts, Castles and Villas are famous for their beauty and luxurious living style.

There are some good tour operators, which arrange customized tours for these areas and have some very awesome packages. I recommend you to consider "Tuscan Way". Tuscan Way is a tour operator which arranges predefined and customized tours for Tuscany(A beautiful and rich cultured Italian Province) and Florence regions.

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Villa Rentals, Cooking Courses & Tours in Tuscany, Italy

Re: Travel to Italy by Fraser Fraser Profile at 3/21/06 6:35:08 AM

> Hello,

> Visiting Italy in Western Europe is a great idea.

Gosh, I didn't know that Italy was in Wetern Europe!

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