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xmas albums


12/15/05 at
3:32:32 PM

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who here listen to xmas albums hmm? well i just bought this xmas cd called "a charlie brown christmas." i think its one of the best xmas cd i bought this year so far. :D u guys should check it out like at or something. well im planning to buy few more xmas albums so if u have any recommendations then let me know ya? umvd.


Re: xmas albums by pcwobssesed0 at 12/22/05 3:06:26 PM

Actually, I recently took a whole bunch of old C-mas cd's and mashed them all up and burned a new cd. it was filled with holiday joy, oldies by like Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland, I made this cd for my Grandad, and the last song was one of his favorites from when he was young, and it brought tears to his eyes. I'm so happy I could do that for someone. Well, there's my Christmas Story for the year. Lol