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Very Important! I Need Help---Fast!


10/28/05 at
2:44:39 PM

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I am participating in a software technology competition in March. I have until then to design...something...using software...any software...and I can design anything in the world. The prizes are scholarships to college. Well, I wanted to build a rollercoaster. But I didnt have any blueprints of any, or any idea how to build one. I asked Walt Disney company if they could give me some blueprints or designs of their coasters (beacuse I love their company) but it was againast public policy. Soooo I need help designing a rollercoaster. But I have no clue how! The only design software i have is the CAD program SolidWorks. And I don't have any models or dimensions to go by. Has anybody ever designed a coaster before? Your help would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!