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Alice cooper concert


6/30/05 at
10:15:46 PM

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Last night i went to go see alice cooper in concert. I was rapt, because its trhe first time he has come to australia in 15 years, and he will probably never come back here again.

He starts and its awesome. But this absolute *beep* dropkick sitting next to us keeps pushing past and moving. whatever can be dealt with, even though after the 20th time we're getting a bit pissy.

Anyway this dude dissappeared for about 20 mins and we were pretty happy he was gone. he had kept harrassing us and talking *beep* and disturbing us. Then the usher came and guided him to his seat. in the time he was gone he'd popped a pill and had sweat running off his face.

He kept shouting crap at the usher and kept trying to shake his hand. He kept like elbowing me while he was doing this. My friend cracked it cos he was blocking the view and asked him to sit down.

He didn't like that very much.

After the usher went, he went mental. He was thrashing his head and flailing his arms WHEN THERE WAS NO MUSIC. he got into little arguments with people who didnt like the fact he'd just hit them. No one could actually focus on what was happening on stage.

Then people started moving away from him. he headbutted some chick sitting in front of him. and older couple cracked the sads. and we were so pissed off becease we missed the entire bit of the show where alice's head gets cut off because of the tosser.

We go to complain to security. They go deal with it. but in the time it took to do that we missed our favourite songs, "schools out" and "poison".

I'm so angry. That drugged out, drunk, and stoned fat loser ruined our concert.

There are two very, very angry girls who want to kill that guy. we hate him.

Re: Alice cooper concert by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 7/6/05 8:41:46 AM

Such a shame for some idiot to spoil your night out. I have seen Alice Cooper perform a few times and I would have been enraged if that happened to me. His shows are awesome. Trust in the fact that idiots like him always get theirs in the end. He'll push someone too far and then he'll learn the error of his oafish ways.