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Government funding of stem cell research?

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 8/27/01 at 2:44:44 PM
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Since this is anything goes posting, I thought it would be interesting to see other's views on this contoversial topic.

Here's my view: I am Catholic, not only that, but GK of our local Knight of Columbus council & OK, you probably know the hard-line (no exceptions) viewpoint as it concerns human life that the church holds. While I oppose true out & out abortion unless the woman's life is in danger, I see no problem with Government funding of stem cell research on those some 60 lines or so which President Bush proposed. I know, I may be considered the odd guy out among some of my associates, but if cures for dreaded diseases can be found & persons confined to wheel chairs could at least have a hope & dream that they could once again walk, then I feel such research should be persued.

If you watch any old re-runs of shows like Trapper John MD or Marcus Welby,references were made as to how advanced medicine would be five years from then & how many more lives could be saved. In the real world though, while incredible advancements have been made, we have not had the extent of breakthroughs that so many predicted would happen. if there is any potential weapon at our disposal, it should be utilized.

Coaster Zeke

Re: Government funding of stem cell research? by Pantera Psycho at 8/28/01 8:33:01 PM

I agree 100%. I'm just curious though, at what point is the fetus aborted in stem cell research? This just makes me curious. I've never been a big fan of abortion, I've always felt that it should be only in case of rape, I've felt that people need to take responsibility for their actions and if they're "messing around" accept the consequences, and go through the pains of childbirth, etc. Anyway, they can give up the baby for adoption if they can't afford the child, but anyway, what I was saying, if we can cure some of the horrors that some of these medical problems present, then that's great! I personally don't think I would want to live if I was confined to a wheelchair, there's no way anyone who doesn't live like that can know how terrible it is, and anyway, this research can possibly cure me of some minor physical problems (back and knees), so I'm all for it.