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Message Board Rules and Etiquette

Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile

3/2/05 at
5:10:23 AM

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I’ve found recently that some users are not following the rules of this message board, nor following any message board etiquette. Since this is the case I think it is time to remind everyone so we make this an enjoyable place to visit and participate.

Simple Rules

1. No foul language or inappropriate slang.
2. No flaming or more important “personal attacks”. Disagreeing with someone’s opinion is not a personal attack, but calling names or adding childish remarks, not showing respect for another’s right to express their opinion is not allowed.
3. No advertisements, spam or blatant promotion of businesses, commercial products or services.
4. No pornography, obscene or hate material
5. No posting copyrighted, trademarked or illegal content.
6. No discussion of any topics that would not be appropriate for children to view and read.

The rules are simple…

Now here is a reminder of some message board etiquette that should be followed as courtesy to all.

Spelling and Grammar
We ask that you please try to use proper spelling and grammar, but we’ll excuse any mistakes you make and won’t point them out so long as you make the effort. There is a difference between a typo and shorthand “r u all goin’ 2 b at da park”. Finally, leave the caps lock off, as its uncomfortable to read and no one should be shouting.

Keeping Things Organized
There is a Search option on the message board and it works so please use it. It is easier to follow a discussion on a topic if it is not broken across multiple threads. Keeping all messages within a single thread keeps us organized, and makes following a discussion a breeze. Use the Search page to see if a topic has already been posted. Remember a single reply to an old thread will bring the thread back to the top of the message board for all to see again.

Inappropriate Threads or Topics
Over the past couple of months I’ve been cleaning-up the threads in attempt to create an interesting, meaningful discussion. Unfortunately, I can’t do it all myself. You’ve got to help.

Threads that don’t have anything to do with the specific forum belong on the “off-topic” message board. The excuse no one visits there is not acceptable. If we make the effort to put off-topic threads there then there will be a reason to read and participate on that board.

Favorite, Best, Top, Worst, Most Topics
The topic “What’s Your Favorite Park or Coaster” has already been posted enough. If you want to read that or add to it use the Search feature, find it and revive the tired thread. Further, topics like this do not create a discussion amongst members. They’re of no interest to most of use other than the person who started the thread. We need quality posts and this is not a quality contribution.

Creating Noise
Posting nonsense to a thread is not needed. If you don’t have something worthy of being read by others then don’t post it.

Topic Titles
I cannot say enough about how important a title for your thread is. If you put a short, non-descriptive title, fewer people will read it. Too long of a title gets annoying to the users. Try to sum up your message in as few words as possible to still communicate what its about to your users.

Quoted Material In A Reply
As a courtesy to all it is appreciated when you delete any or all of the quoted content in a reply. Keep what is needed so your reply makes sense, but delete the excess.

The add image option is meant to be for an image that is relevant to the post, not an advertisement for your favorite ride, park or whatever.

Finally, Abuse, Problems and Violation of Rules
I’m the only moderator, so it is my job to point out and address any problems, abuse and violation of the message board rules. If you see a problem don’t post to the thread, instead report it via the contact us page. (There's a link at the bottom of every page.)

Last and most important have fun. The message boards are supposed to be an enjoyable area of the site, a place to meet and make friends. Ultimate Rollercoaster has been a friendly place, where people feel comfortable discussing roller coasters and amusement parks in the past and I want it to continue to be that way in the future.

Remember, the more you contribute the more you’ll benefit.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Eric Gieszl

Re: Message Board Rules and Etiquette by Aragorn_Lover at 3/12/05 12:22:31 AM

I'm very glad that there is a moderator here because most of the other message boards that I've been to don't have one. Some people can say/type rather hurtful things in other places. Thanks for taking time to do this.

Re: Message Board Rules and Etiquette by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 3/22/05 4:24:57 PM

> I'm very glad that there is a moderator here because most
> of the other message boards that I've been to don't have
> one. Some people can say/type rather hurtful things in
> other places. Thanks for taking time to do this.

The message boards on this site have always been moderated and will remain so.