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Brand New Album By New Order - Listen To It Online!

Posted: 8/25/01 at 5:02:06 PM
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Hi all...

As you have read in my Trip Reports, you know how important music is - either on a coaster trip or otherwise. Although I am dating myself a bit by posting this message, I thought I'd give everyone a heads-up. The brand new album by New Order is available for preview in its entirety at - you will have to download (a quick download) in order to listen to it. It will not be available in stores until mid-October.

It's the usual New Order experience - moody, a bit dark....and much of it is quite good. The album is called "Get Ready" and the advance single is called "Crystal"....Hmmm... And, like their last advance single ("Regret" - back in 1993 - WOW! has it been EIGHT years?), it is a characteristically downbeat, midtempo song.

From having listened to most of the songs, I gotta say that the "money song" here is DEFINITELY "Turn My Way" - a collaboration with Billy Corgan of the now-defunct Smashing Pumpkins....and the most likely shot at a U.S. radio hit. (Huh? What's that? This is New Order we're talking about...a hit? We'll see.)

In any event, if any of you other New Order fans have forgotten about them, now might be the time to reacquaint yourself. Other useful websites: - the official site that is set up to promote the new album...and - the band's official U.S. website.

In any event, I thought this might be a fun way to use URC's new "anything goes" contribute something useful, and hopefully enriching for those interested.

Best Regards, Bill M. / AtlantaCoaster

Re: Brand New Album By New Order - Listen To It Online! by junebugg junebugg Profile at 10/5/01 2:43:46 AM

Bill, Thanks for the link to

It's about time that they came out with a new album.

Hopefully we'll see a tour soon. Have you ever seen? They bring an awesome light show to the stage!

- junebugg

Re: Brand New Album By New Order - Listen To It Online! by Rickyswmn at 11/4/01 5:46:29 PM


Are you an 80's Brat like me?? LOL. Thanks for the heads up :)