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Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE?

ray_p ray_p Profile

11/12/04 at
1:02:52 AM

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I just had to post this, and I'm sure it will have all of two readers...but I thought I'd throw the question out there. Is Gene Snitsky the next big thing in World Wrestling Entertainment? Since "killing Lita's baby" (which incidentally, wasn't his fault), Mean Gene has destroyed the competition. He defeated Kane at Taboo Tuesday, has twice defeated the "special" Eugene, and literally killed The Real Man's Man William Regal. This Sunday at Survivor Series, Gene is prominently featured in one of the PPV's main event matches joining forces with World Champion Triple H, Dave Batista and Edge to battle Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Maven and Randy Orton. And to top it all off, Gene has made no bones about wanting to get his hands on HHH's World Title.

Vince McMahon has always had a thing for huge muscle-bound guys (that disn't sound quite right) such as Brock Lesnar, Sid Vicious, and even Hulk Hogan. Gene is being given a monster push and despite his rather corny promos, has become much better behind the mic. He also has a decent kick as evidenced this past Monday night. So is Gene Snitsky the next big thing? I know at least one URC'er who will probably give a resounding "yes" as his response! ;)

Ray P.

Re: Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE? by coaster3.16 at 11/23/04 5:36:58 PM

Well, I don't check these forums often, as is obvious by this post.

My answer? Oh Hell Yeah!!!!!!!

Gene is improving each week and rolling over the competition. The man has worked hard, particularly over the last four years, and deserves the push he is getting.

Snitsky Rules.

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- Jeff

Re: Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE? by Captain_Charisma at 12/18/04 6:10:49 PM

No. He will never be high on the card consistently. Right now he is on a hot streak but I haven't seen enough quality ring work to think he'll be around long term. Kane will come back kill Snitsky and then we will see his push greatly reduced. He can always be a success as some smart heel's muscle. I know one person inparticular who may want to change his own problem solver in for one a little bigger and crazier.

Re: Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE? by amy_4_benjamin at 1/15/05 2:00:38 PM

Hi. I read your post and i think Gene Snitsk is the next big thing because nearly everyone fears him. I think he's a walking, talking human monster. (I no that doesn't make any sense). I think it was his fault that Lita lost her baby because he shouldn't have hit Kane in the back with the steel chair in the first place. I just wonder what he's going to do next?!

Re: Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE? by Jersey_Joe Jersey_Joe Profile at 3/6/05 8:44:50 AM

Ray -- I think that Vinz should put his money behind Batista, who also came from Afa The Wild Samoan's WXW wrestling league.

Batista has the size, power, moves and drive to be the future of wrestling. Also, IF Brock Lesnar's football aspirations run dry, he could easily come back and become the elite of the league.

I also see Randy Orton as the future hope of the "sport".

Gene is amusing, and he IS improving, but I feel he has a long way to go before he's in the class of a Batista or Orton.


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Re: Gene Snitsky- The Next Big Thing in WWE? by TommySixGun at 6/7/05 11:52:57 PM

I just rode home on a plane from Chicago with Gene he was cool. I got to talk to him about everybody from Ivan Putski to Goldberg. He didn't really badmouth anybody but he was definitely a cool, mean dude. He knew a lot about older wrestlers...He also was an all-state football player