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Does anyone have a job?


3/12/04 at
7:54:56 PM

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I keep reading posts about people travelin around the country and just riding roller coasters.

how do you survive? I dont know of any employers that would give that much vacation time.and if they exist...i would love to have such an employer.

I mean honestly. I was watching this Travel channel program on coaster enthuaists...and they all look like grandma supports them or something...balding 40-somethings wearing t-shirts with names of roller coasters.D&D rejects.

I mean I can understand...someone who works hard all year long..and come summer takes a week or 2 off and goes to a park to ride coasters...then the next summer hits another park.

but there are people who just go all year round and ride rides.

are they hobos or something?

please explain this to me.

Re: Does anyone have a job? by derekaluk at 3/15/04 6:57:59 AM

I expect they have jobs to be able to pay for all the trips!! And they can go at weekends as well!!