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1/26/04 at
11:54:03 AM

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Just for fun, what are your top five favorite places in the world? (this can include cities, countries, theme parks, etc)

1. Cedar Point. It's the best amusement park in the world, and it's like my second home. I can live there forever and not get tired of it.

2. New York City. I love the excitement and action. It's a crazy city and never a dull moment.

3. Cook Forest, PA. This is a beautiful place. There's camping, canoeing, horseback, and just living among nature.

4. The Gulf of Mexico. I just love the blue water and the sun. The only bad thing is jellyfish, but luckily I didn't get stung.

5. Michigan City, Indiana. Those huge sand dunes are awesome. The town's not bad, but I really like the dunes.