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Any Bowler's ?

Posted: 8/24/01 at 1:20:14 AM
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I am a Bowler

I've been know to hit a few strikes and spares here and there (n/m) by Streaker Streaker Profile at 8/24/01 2:39:14 PM

Re: Any Bowler's ? by Pantera Psycho at 8/24/01 6:10:28 PM

> I am a Bowler

I'm terrible, but right now I'm taking my college PE course, and that's bowling, looks like it'll be a fun class, only 9 weeks though.

Re: Any Bowler's ? by coasters4life at 8/24/01 8:17:19 PM

> I am a Bowler

Although I'm not great, I love bowling. I average around an 160. I used to bowl in leagues back in high school. One of my all time favorite movies is King Pins.


Re: Any Bowler's ? by Raptor Timmy at 8/27/01 7:36:37 PM

> I am a Bowler
I returned to a mixed double league with my mom. I took over dad's place when he got sick. I am not nearly as good as him but the league is not too competitive and it's mainly for fun. I got a 128, 130 and 173. not bad for not bowling for over a year.

Re: Any Bowler's ? by Coasterdude at 8/28/01 2:46:48 AM

Well, I have been bowling (ten-pin) for about 7 years now (primarily in leagues) and my average is currently 189. My high game is a 262 which was only a few strikes away from a perfect game.


Re: Any Bowler's ? by Jman at 8/28/01 9:22:27 PM

I'm a bowler. I used to bowl poorly, then got some really good lessons, and learned to hook the ball. I was about a 190 average at one point, but now I'm probably around 175-180. The last time I bowled, I bowled 171, 190, 182. My best game is a 268, which included 8 strikes in the first 8 frames. My best game on a pair of lanes (tournament style) is 239. My best series is 683 (250,209,224). Unfortunately, I no longer get really cheap bowling (I was in the bowling club in college), so I only go about 3 times a year any more. :(


Re: Any Bowler's ? by Pantera Psycho at 8/29/01 7:24:45 PM

> I am a Bowler

Just an extra note on this, yesterday I had my first day of actual bowling for my college course, and lo and behold, I got a class low 66!!! That's pathetic even for me! I just couldn't find a ball there that fit me well like every other bowling that I usually go to.

Re: Any Bowler's ? by Oscar Mayer at 8/30/01 6:18:24 PM

> I am a Bowler

I like to bowl strikes as rare as that is. Has there ever been a bowling alley in a theme park?

Re: Any Bowler's ? by CoasterBryan at 8/31/01 12:22:16 AM

> I like to bowl strikes as rare as that is. Has
> there ever been a bowling alley in a theme park?
no ,hehe LOL