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Ever hear Roy D. Mercer?

Coaster Zeke
Posted: 8/23/01 at 1:14:21 PM
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Now, I don't know if your sense of humor is like mine, but my brother introduced me to something so damn funny that I nearly hurt myself laughing. He told me of some MP3 files which you can access at any number of places on the net. They are recordings of prank phone conversations which are conducted on a regular basis from a radio station in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A guy by the name of Roy D. Mercer encourages people to give him the name & phone number of someone they want to pull a prank on. He calls them & introduces himself as Roy D. Mercer. Right from the start, You'll be dying laughing. He plays the part of a redneck who has a bone to pick with them about something. For instance, he will call the owner of a store & claim that they sold him some defective product. Immediately, he tells them that he's either gonna get a check to compensate or he's gonna get sideways with them. Yes, he'll threaten to open up a 55 gallon drum of whoop-*ss on them & he states things that way. Real hick like.

Now, if he were to try this anywhere else in the country, it probably wouldn't work, but he usually ends up calling someone who is also a redneck & the result is priceless. Be sure to download the one called "Teat Reduction" & another called "Faulty Pager". Those two for sure will have you rolling!

Coaster Zeke

Re: Ever hear Roy D. Mercer? by Zingo at 8/24/01 1:27:34 PM

Coaster Zeke,

Roy D. Mercer isn't just a Tulsa prank anymore - in fact most everone around here know who he is (so it would be pretty hard for him to get one over on anybody in Tulsa). He is now going for people anywhere in the U.S. so no one is safe.

go to CDNow to order at least 9 different Roy D - CD's

The radio station is KMOD

Have Fun,

Roy D. Mercer