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Posted: 10/5/02 at 11:25:13 PM
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I always wanted to say that. ;)

I ran out of messages at and if i post an anti XBOX message i will get banned.

Re: XBOX SUCKS 0!*& by LizardsOmen at 10/6/02 4:50:00 PM

Too true. Too true.

But what's funny is that after playing all these new things like Gamecubes and all, when you re-use an orignal Play station its, Slow, Bad graphics and bad control.



> I always wanted to say that. ;)

> I ran out of messages at and if i post
> an anti XBOX message i will get banned.

Re: XBOX SUCKS 0!*& by PanteraPsycho at 10/18/02 1:23:47 AM

I've finally made my way through all of the 128 bit systems, and I can honestly say that between Gamecube, PS2, and X-Box, X-Box is clearly at the bottom. That includes graphics, fun factor of games, and loading time to decide. Also controllers played a small factor. Personally, I found Gamecube to be the best, and although I don't feel that X-Box sucks, I think it's clearly the worst of the three, Microsoft didn't make it too secret that they were new to video game consoles, they should stick to computers IMO.

Re: XBOX SUCKS 0!*& by ThunderChicken at 10/20/02 3:33:41 PM

I think XBOX is the best of the 4 128 bit systems. I have them all and play XBOX 200 times more then either the PS2 or Gamecube. As far as it not having good graphics it is able to create the best of the 4. The controllers - personally I like both models, but I can see why some people wouldn't. As far as bad gameplay yeah some games do but dont some on all systems? Halo has great gameplay along with others. All im saying is dont knock it till you have it, it thought it sucked bottom to until I got one < was the last of the 3 new ones i got >.

One more thing people complain that you have to have the playback kit to play dvds and that sucks i agree, but like 80% of people with a console buy the remote and it they do its like $30 for the xbox remote and $60 for the PS2 < you have to have the remote and a memory card >

Finally every systems has its perks and suck point. IMO every system is worth there money. Dont hate a system cause you dont have money for it or you dont like the company or you dont like newbies. and if you give it a fair shot without fanboy reasons of not liking it i wont open my mouth i just think every system deserves a fair not handicaped begining,!

Thunder Chicken

P.S. If you get a XBOX and don't like it hey at least you got a great paper weight.