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TR Gardaland 9.04.200


5/17/00 at
2:20:31 PM

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Arrive at 9 o'clock, the park is very empty. Next to the entry, there is huge construction work going on. Next year they will open a big kiddie land, which looks quite good. But to the actual:
The park is very well themed, only one corner needs some new attractions and theming.
The condor is in a terrible bad condition. The huss caroussell is very dirty and there is missing one gondula.
The SLC is very well themed, but at the exit of the last looping element, the spin, there is some headbanging. But the helix is very funny.
The rapid ride is fantastic themed, but there are not so many waves and water effects.
The free fall built by intamin is only 40m high, but I never rode such a intense (Intamin) Giant Drop. I don't know why, but it was harder than the 70m Tower at walibi!?
there is also a double loop, corcscrew coaster by vekoma, a rainbow and a top spin as well as a small kiddie coaster.
The two dark rides are so great. They are some of the greatest, I ever rode.
The log flume is nice, not less, not more.
There is further a action cinema (terrible) and a boring africa boat ride and some nice shows. For more infos and park map, e-mail me.

Re: TR Gardaland 9.04.200 by Cal at 5/18/00 9:03:30 AM

I don't know, perhaps the smaller Giant Drops just are more intense. The Pepsi Max Drop in the Trocadero in London is 130 foot (about 40 metres) and it's really intense - it makes you feel as though your stomach is getting pushed up inside your chest. I actually don't like that feeling so I like the taller rides much more.