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SixFlags Holland - Openind Day

Posted: 4/24/00 at 5:38:44 AM
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I've been to the opening day of SFH and I just want to applaud the SFH crew for transforming the park in such a short time.
In the beginning of the day they had some problems with VISA so it sometimes took a half-hour to get a ticket!! But once inside you see that they have made something out of this... The whole entrance is now themed as Hollywood 70's.
The best ride of the park is definately Superman: The Ride. The entrance is well hidden, so there was little queue. S: TR is a launched corkscrew coaster made by Vekoma and they made the coaster very smooth, except for the corkscrew. The launch is perfect with the LSM-technology. When you go out of the station and get on the launching track you stop, go back a half metre or something and then ...KABOOM... you're launched from 0-90 KM/H in 3 seconds!! The queue of S: TR is also nicely themed like the cartoon.
Also the new Woodie "Robin Hood" is great and is also made by Vekoma!! This was their first wooden coaster and I have to say that it was very good for a first time. he's MUCH better than Anaconda at Walibi Smurfs. The entrance is themed like a castle and the trains are so soft. It's like you're sitting on a couch!!
of course there were also less good things.
I think that "el Condor" was going very rough and many coasters and rides have been down during the day. Also they had some problems with having not enough staff for cleaning up the dirt.

Overall it was a great day. That day +- 8000 people were in the park!! Talking about a lot of people... :) Well, I'm going back this summer for sure...
Good day to y'all...bye