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Posted: 3/19/00 at 12:46:51 PM
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I was reading yesterday and in the rumor file was that Skegness has the go a head for "Odessey 2001" the highest invert in the world. Is this true? Also on another USA site it has also been confirmed that Thorpe Park will get planning permission for a 135ft coaster. At that height it will have to be something "new" because 135ft aint that high. What do you guys think?


Re: "O"2001 by Cal at 3/20/00 11:57:44 AM

That's what Fantasy Island is claiming but no-one's head anything since, so don't hold your breath. There's a lot of specialtion as to what it actually is but don't expect a B&M - Fantasy Island doesn't have that sort of money. My money's on a Vekoma.

As for Thorpe, it probably will be B&M. Could be an inverter although nothing's definite as yet - a lot will depend on planning permission.