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UK news

Posted: 1/4/00 at 11:21:21 AM
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I just posted a huge load of stuff and my machine crashed, and I haven't got the heart to type it all in again. So in brief, here's some stuff, as reported in First Drop:

Valhalla, Blackpool's spectacular new themed and enclosed Intamin flume ride, is now complete. The station alone cost 1 million! The ride should open in spring and has a Norse theme with fire and snow effects.

Mach 3, the former Dreier Looping transportable Schwarzkopf triple looper, is now in place at Flamingoland in Yotkshire. It should be ready for opening day.

Apocalypse, the new Intamin Giant drop ride, is almost complete at Drayton Manor Park. However, only four of the five sides will be open with the park. Two are conventional seats, two sides have stand up "seats" and a fifth side is still in development. The fifth side is apparently a world first and restraints have to be designed and tested before it's complete.

Morecambe's mine-themed wooden mouse has now gone to Southport. There's no news on Tornado, however.