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A Tale Of The Twist: Barry Island, Wales

Posted: 9/26/14 at 3:56:34 AM
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Heather Spierling has provided my website themagiceye@ Joyland Books with some great pictures to accompany her personal memories of Barry Island from the long hot summers of the seventies.

The 1975 new arrival at the popular South Wales Amusement Park was The Twist.

"When she first arrived at Barry Island Pleasure Park she wasn’t that impressive. Sat in the pay box of the Vampire Jets I kept glancing behind me watching the build up of the new Twist. Piles of bare steel, a bare metal centre, even the twist cars were a sorry sight - fibre-glass seat shapes and bare metal framework....."

Treated at first with suspicion, the ride was to become her "baby"

A Tale of The Twist

Re: A Tale Of The Twist: Barry Island, Wales by dennicka at 11/29/22 7:20:30 AM
how long ago it was) it feels like even in a past life)