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Plus size people on rollercoasters

Posted: 7/31/13 at 12:47:13 PM
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Hi all,

I am working on consumer led show in the UK for Channel 5 that looks at plus size people’s perception of the travel and tourism industry. I am interested in finding out how larger people are treated and if they are being discriminated against as a result of their size.

I am looking to speak to people that have struggled as a result of their size while at a theme park and might have been turned away from a ride.

We are very keen to have personal stories as part of the programme, they will help us to engage in a wider debate about how the holiday and tourism industry has to adopt to cater for plus size people.

I am aware that many might be wary of the way the press reports on overweight issues but I do hope that you do not bunch us with the sensationalist end of the tabloid press.

To ease concerns, we will be sending out our very own plus size reporters to test out various airlines and popular holiday destinations to see if they adequately accommodate larger people. We are trying to approach this programme from the point of view of larger people. However, the places we test will very much depend on the feedback that we get from the public.

If you ever had or know of anyone that struggled while on holiday or travelling as a result of their size I would love to hear from you. My phone number is: 0207 017 8755 and email:

Please feel free to pass this on if you feel someone might be able to contribute.

Thank you


Re: Plus size people on rollercoasters by Tamm_Kurt_Schrute at 10/8/19 10:05:50 PM
it's very great that you are trying to help others with physical problems and find a resolution. even though I myself don't go threw these problems I think they should add different size seats for those who can't fit in a certain one. a great idea would be to have the seats going more to the left be bigger and the ones on the left smaller. more people will be able to enjoy roller coaster and companies will be able to get more money from having more people come to there park and have a blast with there families.