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A bit of Shambhala

Posted: 5/27/12 at 10:55:40 AM
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Had I been 30 years younger I would have probably beeing posting about the 249 feet 4 inches high B&M Shambhala at Port Aventura that opened on the 5th of this month..I would have first of all copied and pasted from the park page its advert for the ride:

"..Among the ancient myths of Himalayas appears a lost paradise, surrounded by impregnable mountains.

For thousands of years different stories were told about this place beyond Tibet, among the majestic peaks and remote valleys of Central Asia, that persists as an inaccessible paradise.

This land was described as a heart of happiness and eternal youth. It's a hidden world which seems impossible to access.

It's like mirages, it's there and it's not.

In his novel the Russian spiritualist Nikolai Roerich speaks about Agharti (name of the Buddhist underground paradise) as a seat of the king of the world.

According to Roerich, Agharti was related to every continent through secret passages. This place is known as Shambhala..."

Then perhaps I would have provided a quick video of the new ride like this:

and even contemplated going to Spain to try it.

But do you know what?

I'm not going to.

Today I'm more interested in the parks and rides of the past - hence my link below. :-)


Inland (UK) Parks: Before they were famous.

Re: A bit of Shambhala by roseblack at 6/29/13 12:42:15 AM
That seems to be a wonderful roller coaster park. I will definitely visit it soon and have fun.

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