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Mini-TR: Changes at Clacton

Posted: 3/27/12 at 11:32:19 AM
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It's been lovely weather so I had a trip to Walton yesterday and a visit to Clacton today.

I soon got to the Pier and much has changed from last time. The Haunted Mansion ghost train has been completely removed and replaced with a new bowling alley. Well, to call it bowling alley is underselling it. The existing arcade (which itself replaced Ghost Safari) has been massively extended so that it takes up the entire right-hand side of the pier. Part of this massive entertainment centre are the aforementioned bowling lanes.

Further along the Pier, Stella's Revenge and the two smaller coasters seem ready to go for when the season starts. The helter skelter, on the other hand, has had its top and a portion of slide removed. Whilst this could just be maintenance, I suspect this attraction is on its way out.

On the thin section of pier, the crazy golf has been dismantled and looks like it is being replaced with some sort of coin-operated vehicle ride.

I left the pier and walked up to the amusement park on top of the Pavilion. The big news here is that they have a new ride. It's some sort of "Gyro Swing" - not exactly big, but not small either. Maybe "medium-small" is a good way to describe it. Like the Pier, the Pavilion amusement park does not yet have its rides open, but I am quite keen on this one. I don't think I've ever seen a swinging ride and not ridden one, so if I'm allowed on, perhaps I'll ride it and report back!

Re: Mini-TR: Changes at Clacton by Graeme Graeme Profile at 4/6/12 6:20:28 PM
To correct my mistake, it is not a gyro swing, it's a "Dance Party 360", which is an inverting ride. There is also a new drop tower which wasn't there on my visit.