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The Switchback Diaries: Texas Tornado

Posted: 2/17/12 at 8:00:02 AM
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I remember riding Morecambe's Cyclone at Morecambe Pleasure Park in 1980 and the same ride 12 years later when the park had changed its name to Frontierland and the coaster to Texas Tornado.

Sadly coaster and park are of course no more.

What a classic! The picture sums it up brilliantly.

It rattled out and back next to (er.. and through) overhanging foliage.

Every now and again they would turn some of the carriages so you could ride backwards. I never got the chance so can't comment.

You don't appreciate things at the time but during my childhood and youthdom I was surrounded by brilliant coasters at Rhyl, Morecambe, Blackpool, Southport and Belle Vue to name just a few.

If anyone wants to share their memories, photos, news etc etc about Frontierland / Morecambe please click the link below and have a read.

The great website Frontierland Remembered doesn't appear to be available on the net any more so via Nick's Joyland forums I'm going to try to keep people's memories alive as best I can.

Frontierland Morecambe: How The West Was Lost

Re: The Switchback Diaries: Texas Tornado by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/3/12 10:21:51 AM
Texas Tornado is the one UK woodie I could possibly have ridden, but didn't. My main chance was when I was up in Lancashire in 1999 - alas, time was tight. Eventually made it to Morecambe in 2001, but by then it was too late.