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Limbs torn off on new ride

Posted: 1/26/12 at 3:40:50 PM
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Thought the title would get your attention :P

Has anybody seen the reports in many newspapers from yesterday and today regarding testing of the Swarm at Thorpe Park?

The report states that limbs were torn from test dummies on the new rollercoaster during test runs when they hit scenery of the ride. Some reports say this could be a publicity stunt which was my first reaction, but this would surely put a lot of people off going? I can confirm now this was a publicity stunt, told to me by a few people who I know that still work at Thorpe Park. Engineers are pretty pissed off and rightly so as are most of the employees I gather. What are your opinions on this? Publicity stunt going too far? Perhaps not as bad as the "urine for saw ride" gag (literally), but this is still pretty bad isn't it?

Re: Limbs torn off on new ride by Graeme Graeme Profile at 1/31/12 6:39:54 PM

I don't have a problem with it, personally, but I did wonder if some of the engineers involved would mind potentially getting a bad reputation. They are basically telling the world "This ride wasn't designed properly!", and some people might have believed it.

Ho-hum, business as usual for Thorpe.