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Parks near Berlin

Posted: 9/8/11 at 10:05:06 PM
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Hello yall. This is Pat-O from the North American board. Need some advice.

What parks are near Berlin? And my near, I mean able to make a day trip on a train and back with no problem. I am visiting Berlin and Amsterdam with my family, and may have a day to sneak away from Berlin to go ride coasters.

Are there any parks nearby that I could get to easily?


- Pat-O

Re: Parks near Berlin by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 9/10/11 2:53:26 PM

The only park in Berlin is Spreepark, which is closed and rotting away for almost 10 years now. You can walk around it to take some interesting pictures.
Sadly there is nothing around Berlin. A train ride from Berlin to Hamburg is just 90 minutes. From there you could go on to Heide Park and Hansa Park (another train ride, approx. 90 minutes to both parks)
Use this link to plan train rides in Germany:



From Amsterdam you could go to De Efteling, Walibi, Toverland or you could take a daytrip do Cologne/Brühl to visit Phantasialand.

Anyway: Have fun and enjoy Berlin. I am living there too and despite the fact that it´s a coaster-diaspora it´s a great city with tons of stuff to do and see.

Re: Parks near Berlin by LoneStar LoneStar Profile at 9/12/11 1:07:06 PM

Thanks! Heide park would be awesome.

- Pat-O