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TR: Two Coaster Clacton

Posted: 3/29/11 at 1:13:43 PM
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The other day I bought a Nintendo 3DS. One of the features is that you can carry it about with you, exchanging data wirelessly. It's quite a thrill when you get home and find you've been "tagged" by someone, and it was with this in mind that I paid a visit to Clacton today. My intention was to walk round the shops, as I would be more likely to make a connection there. I'm afraid the more tourism-focused side of Clacton wasn't on my mind when I set out, and thus I didn't take my normal camera.

However, I soon saw the error of my ways.

How could I forget that I'd heard Clacton Pier had bought a Pinfari Z40? As I strolled down the promenade, there it was, on the distant pier, fully built. Its multi-tiered nature and position greatly reminiscent of the Steel Stella woodie. The sight of it next to the helter skelter gives the strong suggestion Clacton Pier is trying to evoke the past, and I salute them for that.

But there's more...

When I first saw the construction atop the Pavilion last year, I thought "It'd be good if they put a roller coaster there" (rather naively, I hoped for a Gerstlauer Bobsled). As I approached the site today, I saw a sizeable construction area, rectangular in shape. At first I assumed it was some sort of sports game, but then I noticed steps. Roller coaster-like steps up to a roller coaster-like platform.

Turning the corner revealed... yellow track!

With boxy, mine car trains, I suspect this is a Zamperla coaster like Southend's new one this year, but my more optimistic side hopes it's a Vekoma. Whipping out my 3DS, I took some very 2D photos for you:




Of course, I also wanted a closer look at the Z40, so I headed for the pier.

On the right, they are doing a lot of work. It does appear as though the ghost train has been removed.

Further along, I see not only have they got a new coaster, but also a carousel. I suspect it is Walton's, which I believe in turn originally came from Clacton. The pier is becoming a classic amusement park once more!





Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 3/29/11 6:35:20 PM

I went to RCDB, but I didn't find anything on this coaster. That's unless there's another part in Clacton where they have rides.

Again, as always Graz, you're a lucky git with the seaside (or pierside) parks. Just going for a stroll with all the activity is inviting enough on its own merit...

Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by Graeme Graeme Profile at 4/15/11 11:58:18 AM

> Again, as always Graz, you're a lucky git with the seaside
> (or pierside) parks. Just going for a stroll with all the
> activity is inviting enough on its own merit...

How right you are, Tim. I went again today. Clacton is a brilliant town, and it seems to be in better shape than it has been for at least 20 years, no exaggeration.

I went to GAME, GameStation, McDonald's... bliss! Of course, I also checked out the coasters! The junior coaster on the Pavilion is a powered figure-eight coaster called Gold Mine and is smaller than I expected. Oh well, it looks a nice little ride.



More excitingly, the pier now has an absolutely fantastic atmosphere. Everythin is busy, eveything is staffed, everything is nicely-painted. The coaster wasn't open, but it now has a name - "Stella's Revenge" - which is a reference to the pier's old Steel Stella woodie. I thought this was a very nice touch indeed.







Clacton, I salute you.

Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by d_n_s_u at 4/25/11 4:30:07 AM

Just read this Graeme:

Loved it!! :-)

The Clacton Chronicles!! :-)

There is something about the structure of rides like Stella's revenge that make for great photography. I love the atmosphere conjured up in TRs like this and I love looking at images of coasters on piers.

The coaster being on a pier just adds something to the whole ride.

The Helter Skelter strikes a great image.


I couldn't help smiling at that photo with the guy in white scratching his backside.

Maybe the thought of riding the coaster was a bit too much for him! :-)

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Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by d_n_s_u at 5/8/11 4:43:02 AM

To accompany Graeme's recent shots of Steel Stella come these great images courtesy of Peter Kingsman.

The original being built

Joyland Books: Chief Engineer's post

Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 5/30/11 1:33:52 PM

What a lovely T.R. Graeme. Nice pictures from the ol' 3DS and a very evocative read, my friend.


Re: TR: Two Coaster Clacton by Graeme Graeme Profile at 5/30/11 1:41:59 PM

Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to riding it, but the Pier is having problems at the moment. I'm gutted for them, and hope their bold move in buying it is rewarded.