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New UK Coasters for 2011

Posted: 1/19/11 at 10:28:53 AM
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Adventure Island - Zamperla speedy coaster

Brean Leisure Park - "Astro Storm" relocated space invader from Blackpool Pleasure beach

Clacton Pier - pinfari Z40

Drayton Manor - "Ben 10 Ultimate Alien" vekoma family shuttle

Flamingo Land - Zamperla suspended family air force coaster

Re: New UK Coasters for 2011 by Graeme Graeme Profile at 1/19/11 6:15:54 PM

Thanks Beast. Following on from our discussion about Louie Spence on Facebook, I wondered if you'd posted here, and you had!

I was on Clacton Pier a couple of weeks ago. They had real reindeer! I'll tell you what the coaster is like, as long as it doesn't have OTSRs!