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New El Loco coaster in France

Posted: 10/8/10 at 5:07:36 AM
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Fraispertuis City, which is a small park in the Lorraine region of France (toward Germany) announced today at the Euro Amusement Show that they purchased from S&S a brand new El Loco coaster.

They're already pushing it as the "Steepest coaster in the world" and its a 4 millions euros investment.

Re: New El Loco coaster in France by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 12/20/10 10:46:35 AM


The concept art has been released looks like it the standard layout with the first drop 1 degree more than mumbo jumbo to get the record

Have to say i really like mumbo jumbo its a very fun, re-ride-able coaster

The themeing looks great, going to be a great addition to this French park

check out the concept art / news here