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Wood Warriors Unite!

Posted: 7/7/10 at 7:04:37 PM
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The other day I found this newspaper story about Thorpe Park (and chucked in a few comments of my own!):

Now they've done a follow-up story! To be honest, I think the two new coasters will be a big B&M in 2012 and then an Intamin steelie in 2016, but it's all good fun! It's like the old days!

Thorpe Park Urged to Get Wooden Coaster

Re: Wood Warriors Unite! by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 7/8/10 10:57:34 AM

They really do need some wood...but I kind of have to disagree with what was said, it's more Thorpe than anything else when it comes to rides breaking down. Still a nice Intamin woodie, or something like Joris en de Draak would be fantastic...