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Please help us win this competition

Posted: 6/25/10 at 9:20:54 AM
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Dear fellow Rollercoasters. We have a plea from Blackpool home of the Pleasure Beach. (Read below)

Myself and my wife have been shortlisted in the final 9 people to win a 10night cruise worth over £2000.

There was a competition with our local radio station to send a photograph in wearing the masks of the presenters somewhere in Blackpool, well to cut a long story short where else could we chose to do this but on the UKs tallest Coaster, The Pepsi Max. Now we have been chosen in the final 9 people all we need to win is the highest amount of votes.

All you have to do is click on 'Vote Adam and Rebecca' on the Pepsi Max to win and then enter a couple of details at the bottom such as name and DOB etc... it really is that simple and takes less than 1minute.

Here is a direct link

If we win this will be our belated honeymoon and depending on the date we may even be onit for our One Year wedding Anniversary. This is a genuine case and is our only shot at getting as many votes a possible, last we heard was the top two are currently very close. Everybody can vote, so why not ask your friends and family too.

PLEASE HELP US, we showed initiative giving it a few goes on the Pepsi Max.

Many Thanks

Adam and Rebecca