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Vintage German Fun Fair Videos

Posted: 6/16/10 at 4:51:17 AM
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I found some vintage (well, mid-eighties) videos from one of Germanys best fairs, the Freimarkt in Bremen.

It´s a fair with a very long tradition which is really embraced by the population. People used to put away their spare change throughout the year only to spend it all throughout the october fair.

Due to it´s vicinity to Huss Maschinenfabrik which used to build their rides right around the corner, Bremer Freimarkt was often the debut for many new rides.

I used to visit this fair several times and always loved it. The atmosphere was truly special. People would ride everything and have a blast.

I heard that in recent years the fair has lost some of its charm after the city started building new buildings on the fair-ground which make the actual fair much smaller and clattered. We also know that Huss stopped building rides for the fairs and outsourced their facilities.

here is a video from 1989 which just shows a lot of rides whoch don´t exist anymore. There´s also footage of the mighty THRILLER.

Here is one from 1986 which shows some construction footage of the ferris wheel and the then spanking new Thriller (still in white/red and without OTSR) on its maiden performance in Bremen.

Re: Vintage German Fun Fair Videos by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 6/25/10 6:50:42 PM

Nice find, Tricky! It still blows my mind just how massive the German fairs really are...