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Strange Fuji-Q Commercial

TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile

6/10/10 at
2:39:31 PM

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I really donĀ“t know what to make of this?!

Re: Strange Fuji-Q Commercial by Graeme Graeme Profile at 6/10/10 5:53:53 PM


That is one of the strangest things I've seen! Wonder how they thought up the concept?

Re: Strange Fuji-Q Commercial by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 6/14/10 2:09:16 PM

That's a bit odd...I dunno what to think of it other than it's funny, like when a clown dies...LOL!

Re: Strange Fuji-Q Commercial by SFGAman SFGAman Profile at 6/21/10 8:22:12 PM

Are they trying to say "you will become very muscular if you ride this coaster?"