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Fairy Tale Farm

Posted: 5/21/10 at 3:42:12 PM
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The Vision:

A family farm attraction in Oxfordshire UK, the first in the country that is open to all but in which everything is designed to be completely accessible to, and stimulate the imagination of, children with varying disabilities is the brainchild of Nick Laister (Save Dreamland Campaign) and his wife Nicola.

The Rationale:

There are very few facilities for disabled children and their families. Understandably, a large number of tourist attractions are not fully disabled accessible, partly because facilities were not originally built with the disabled in mind. It is always a compromise.

Although there are resource centres for disabled children and their families, it is very difficult for people with disabled children to visit the countryside as facilities with equipment designed primarily for use of disabled children are few and far between. There are no primarily outdoor farm facilities or attractions in the Oxfordshire area that are designed primarily for disabled children to spend a day with their families and that are available for ‘casual’ visits.

The countryside in general is very poor in terms of accessibility for the disabled; in particular, the rights of way network is largely inaccessible to them. There is a need for a countryside facility that is fully useable by disabled children.

To Date:

Planning permission has been granted and to date it has all been funded by Joyland Books.

The Background:

Nick and Nicola Laister, who have a disabled daughter with cerebral palsy, decided to acquire a small farm and create a children’s activity farm where disabled children and their families could spend a day out in the countryside doing various rural activities on a site where everything was primarily designed around their needs.

Nick Laister: "...We have entered a Barclays Bank competition for some funding for the project. Anyone who thinks the idea is a good one can click the link below and give the project their 'thumbs up'...Thanks for your support everybody.."

Thumbs Up Link

Re: Fairy Tale Farm by Graeme Graeme Profile at 5/22/10 5:44:26 PM

Nice one, Nick!