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Europe's best coasters

Posted: 3/18/10 at 1:49:16 PM
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Can any one tell me the best coasters in europe...

Best as in exciting.

AIR but its a bit slow
RITA good start then quite boring
SAW excelent
ULTIMATE long but a bit rough and not that exciting

I wanna coaster that will scare me!!!!!

ps. not THIRTEEN got visits too that on monday and tuesday

Cheers in advance

Re: Europe's best coasters by Graeme Graeme Profile at 3/18/10 5:41:10 PM

Now there's a question and a half. I'm more out of touch tahn I used to be, but if you investigate these, you'll probably find something to interest you:

Dragon Khan (Port Aventura)
Superman la Atracción de Acero (Warner Bros Madrid)

Katun (Miribilandia)

Balder (Liseberg)
Colossos (Heide Park)
Troy (Toverland)
El Toro (Freizeitpark Plohn)

Steel Non-looping
Expedition GeForce (Holiday Park)

Blue Fire Megacoaster (Europa Park)

Have I forgotten any, chaps?

A good site to use is RCDB (linked). You;ll be able to find everything on there. There are loads of great coasters in Europe.


Re: Europe's best coasters by geordieboy at 3/19/10 9:14:48 AM

Nice 1.....

I think next visit has to be portoventura.
For good coasters that seems to have its fair share.

Any1 know if there is any truth in lightwater valley rebuilding "Ultimate" to reclaim worlds longest?

Re: Europe's best coasters by RR_Adz RR_Adz Profile at 5/1/10 5:29:26 PM

Having been on lots of European coasters i would say the top 5 are:

Dragon Kahn
Blue Fire

Re: Europe's best coasters by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 5/3/10 5:25:09 AM

> Can any one tell me the best coasters in europe...
> Best as in exciting.

I've ridden so many coasters I actually have trouble remembering them now!

I get to ride a certain vertical drop one in Staffordshire *quite a lot* ;) it still wakes me up in the morning/gets me excited hanging on the edge and releasing down underground - a simple but effective concept

As people have already suggested the most thrilling rides, particularly Balder, Blue Fire and Dragon Khan, i'll suggest the more stranger rides

5 Randomly Quirky Coasters in Europe
Insane - Gröna Lund (Stockholm, Sweden)
Euro Mir - Europa Park (Rust, Germany)
Hochschaubahn - Wiener Prater (Vienna, Austria)
Mumbo Jumbo - Flamingo Land (Yorkshire, England)
Steeplechase - Pleasure Beach (Blackpool, England)


Re: Europe's best coasters by daniela9012 at 5/3/10 9:09:14 PM

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