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New Trains for Bakken Rutschebanen

Posted: 11/10/09 at 2:34:25 PM
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Rutschebanen scenic railway coaster at Bakken, Denmark, is about to loose its Brakeman

Thanks to three new trains supplied by Kumbak which will have a new magnetic braking system fitted to the trains rather than on the track

before and after, classic train and the new kumbak design

While the new open design may look impressive, seems a shame to loose the nostalgia of the classic trains and the unique feature of the Brakeman

Kumbak trains have ruined Stampia at PortAventura increasing the vibrations and movement making an extremely uncomfortable ride . . in my opinion i don't think this is a positive move for Bakken

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Re: New Trains for Bakken Rutschebanen by LONNOL at 11/11/09 8:32:03 AM

That is unfortunate. They are known to sell sh*t.


Re: New Trains for Bakken Rutschebanen by Graeme Graeme Profile at 11/13/09 11:59:36 AM

I'm a bit out of the loop, but what are the best wooden coaster trains these days that you can actually buy for an "independent" coaster? I know GCI's Gravity Group's Millennium Flyers are highly regarded, but I thought you could only have them on GCI coasters?

Gravity Group's Timberliners look great - I'm not sure if you can buy them for non-CCI/GG coasters or not. One thing I'd really like to know is if PTC are debveloping a new train, a single-row articulated one, for instance?