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German Loop Cars 1952

Posted: 10/29/09 at 4:26:09 PM
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Yep..German Loop Cars 1952...Great footage from a great resource.

German Loop Cars 1952

Re: German Loop Cars 1952 by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 10/30/09 4:26:17 AM

I have only seen a few pictures of this infamous ride before. AFAIK it was operated by German showman Gropengiesser for a short time with the two loops. As you can see this is clearly a side-friction coaster with no upstop wheels!
You can also see why the ride was such a health risk for riders necks and spines: they all lump forward as they enter the first loop, unable to keep their heads up.
I think the loops were eventually removed and the coaster continued to operate without them.

Great find!