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Evil reigns at Pleasurewood Chills

Posted: 10/16/09 at 3:49:31 PM
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Some mysterious footage has been found on a video camera, abandoned by the railway line deep within the woods at Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park, Suffolk.

Two employees have recently gone missing and are feared dead....Something is seriously wrong.

The footage has been uploaded to YouTube Can anyone shed any light on what's going on? Locals fear the legendary murderer Stitch has returned...and believe he is after revenge....

The footage

Re: Evil reigns at Pleasurewood Chills by Graeme Graeme Profile at 10/17/09 9:47:58 AM


Now I've seen it all - viral marketing for Pleasurewood Hills! Remarkable how none of those guys swore, isn't it? ;) Seriously, great job with the storyboarding, editing etc.

So, ghost train or haunted walkthrough in the castle?

Re: Evil reigns at Pleasurewood Chills by ShaneW at 10/17/09 11:28:28 AM

The year is 1609. The folk of Corton Wood Village in Suffolk County are under siege. A murderer is at large and over 15 folk have been killed...

A local man, the farm worker Burkett Morden, is held and tried as the prime suspect for the killings.

Burkett pleads his innocence throughout the trial but is found guilty on all counts and sentenced to be hung from the gallows tree in Corton Great Wood.

As he is hung, Burkett curses the villagers that he will have his revenge on those who wronged him.

After his hanging, Burkett’s body is propped up in the local fields as a scarecrow to warn others against committing such atrocities.

When someone in the locality died from there on, the figure of a scarecrow would be seen nearby… in time, Burkett’s spirit became known as “Stitch” the Devils scarecrow.

Local legend tells of how the infamous Stitch can be found haunting the woods of Pleasurewood Hills where the dirty deeds were first done, in an attempt to find the descendants of those who wronged him so many years ago.

The recent discovery of the mysterious videotape and the sudden disappearance of the two Pleasurewood Hills employees has led many at the park to believe that the haunting of Stitch may be more than just a gruesome story…

Legend has it that his promises to take revenge will come to a head the week of Halloween 2009 (24 Oct-1 Nov)- 400 years after Stitch was hanged. For anyone who visits the park during this time will likely come face to face with all manor of haunting beings. Nowhere will be safe- but it is believed ghost hunters should pay particular attention to Main Street, the Castle Theatre, ‘Tales of the Coast’ boatride and of course the dreaded woods of the miniature railway…

Pleasurewood Hills are working closely with the powers that be to help in the capture of this creature. The park has been assured that he will be in irons by All Hallows Eve. On this night, Stitch will be taken once again to the gallows tree and hung for the curse to be broken. To enable this to happen, on Saturday 31st October the park will stay open late... dare you ride selected rides in the dark?? Celebrations will then unfold in Main Street with music and food. At 5.30pm lanterns will be given out for you and your children to light their way to the lake.

Once the curse of Stitch has been lifted, fireworks will light the lake and peace will return...

The footage

Re: Evil reigns at Pleasurewood Chills by ShaneW at 10/20/09 8:19:12 AM

If you haven't heard it, the radio ad is now at This should be a cracking event- the park is looking great. Good to see a fireworks display back like the old days too.