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Gerstlauer Designs Small Spinning Coaster

Posted: 9/6/09 at 7:06:24 AM
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Taken from this months Park World . . . . Gerstlauer are offering a new spinning coaster model for under €2 million in a move to attract small to medium sized parks/FECs

The new design stands 45ft high, features 1,034 ft of track and fits into a 90 x 150f footprint. It features a curving first drop, Immelmann turn, two wild mouse turns, a pair of descending and ascending helixes and a high-speed turn to finish. The ride will be supplied with four 4-seater cars featuring a face-to-face seating configuration

Re: Gerstlauer Designs Small Spinning Coaster by Graeme Graeme Profile at 9/6/09 8:33:27 AM

Ah, that's interesting, I'd like to ride that. It's made me wonder

Spinning Coaster Model 380/4 - ie. the "Aqua Wind" Bobsled, but with spinning cars.

Spinning Coaster Model 420/4
Spinning Coaster Model 420/4 (Variant)
Spinning Coaster Model 420/4 (Extended)

As well as Custom ones for Galaxyland and Sega Republic.

As I understand it, the various 420 models differ in height (from 54ft to 42ft) due to differences in how high the supports position the track off the ground.

The first one was Timberland Twister (now called "Fairly Odd Coaster"), which was designed for a shopping mall. As I say, another model was basically Aqua Wind with spinning cars, so this is interesting, as it's their first real off-the-shelf design, not designed to weave in and out of other things.

Re: Gerstlauer Designs Small Spinning Coaster by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 9/22/09 2:34:21 PM

I absolutely love these designs. The first thing I got thinking of was the smaller UK parks that have just the money for it, or the damnded height restrictions. Mmmm, could you imagine one of these enclosed...