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Save The Big Dipper Petition & Facebook group.

Posted: 8/13/09 at 3:46:28 PM
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Hi all, I'm a noob on here but a lover of Roller Coasters. One of my favorites is the BIG DIPPER at Blackpool Pleasure Beach & after it's first accident it's likely to be closed by the Amusement park destroyer that is Amanda Thompson. I have set up a petition to try to show her that people love this ride enough that it should NOT be closed which you can sign at

Also I have started a group on facebook which my son (a massive coaster enthusiast, Travis Stone) is also involved with, it's early days but let's not let another historic ride disappear because of scare mungering & bad management. The Facebook group is called Save Blackpool's Big Dipper, come along & join up.

Thanks for reading this & hope it makes you remember your first ride on this fantastic woody.



Re: Save The Big Dipper Petition & Facebook group. by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 8/15/09 11:49:27 AM

A great idea but you could be jumping the gun a bit early. It will be a long time before a decision on it's future will be made. Like i said though, great idea...