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In Dreamland

Posted: 8/6/09 at 2:54:20 PM
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The reality takes one step closer....

As reported by Eric on this hallowed site and at Rick's DAFE site The Save Dreamland Campaign is pleased to announce that a UK Heritage Lottery award of £385,000 has been granted to The Dreamland Trust for development work on the world's first amusement park of historic rides at Margate.

Its a giant step in the right direction but we cannot kid ourselves: There is a long way to go yet.

For those of you interested in looking at the rides the campaign has saved so far and put in storage please follow the link below.

The latest acquisition last month was Mangel's Junior Whip (Aka Fairy Whip, aka Griffin' Magic Dragons) from Blackpool.

The Centrepiece will be the Scenic Railway.

Built in 1920, the Scenic Railway had been the signature ride at Dreamland for many years. The ride, now a Grade II listed building, will be restored to its former glory. The intention is to ensure that none of the features that make the Scenic Railway special will be lost. Ways to enhance the features of the ride will be investigated, including alterations to the power room to allow the public to view from outside.

The intention would be to ensure that the ride remains operated by a brakeman with the original trains restored.

In Nick Laister, the campaign is in great hands.

Here's hoping.


The Plan

Re: In Dreamland by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 8/6/09 7:38:13 PM

This is indeed encouraging news! Fingers crossed the plan can be fully realised.


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Ispeed Rollback

Re: In Dreamland by Graeme Graeme Profile at 8/7/09 12:01:12 PM

That's amazing. When you think of what has been achieved... wow.