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Heide-Park Maya Tal

Posted: 7/28/09 at 4:53:26 AM
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Heide Park received a €3m maya themed overlay of its former nicknamed "huss land" has some nice photos of the transformed land

One thing merlin seem to be good at is overlaying existing tired lands and making them a bit more exciting looks a nicely presented area

Re: Chessington 2010 Beanoland Overlay by the_winged_beast the_winged_beast Profile at 7/28/09 5:04:18 AM


and as if by magic . . . Chessington will have a maya overlay of Beanoland for 2010

A Disc'O coaster themed as a cobra will stand where the dodgems and crazy bus currently reside

rethemed dodgems will be moved across to the current water wars site, the wave swinger will be re-themed to match too

new façades will adorn the madhouse, retail and extended catering units

a new repitle house and walk-through bird aviary will join the area

Re: Chessington 2010 Beanoland Overlay by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 7/29/09 7:02:30 AM

Sound more interesting than the changes at Heide Park. At Heide they actually removed the Condor, which was nicely build on top of a round concessions and restroom building and replaced it with a wave-swinger.
If-I-owned-the-place (tm), I would have removed all the Huss-rides and gave them new homes throughout the park. Heide Park is so big and "empty" in places that it would be a good idea to scatter some flatrides throughout the park.
In place of the Huss-area I would have bought a Giant Frisbee. It would have been exclusive to Germany and a top-notch attraction for the park.


Re: Chessington 2010 Beanoland Overlay by Pepe at 7/31/09 6:30:04 PM

I don't know the original place but i've been to Heide-Park yesterday and i really liked the Maya themed area. Contrary to TrickTrack's idea i enjoyed having some medium rides at one spot to jump on without long walks inbetween. I'd also like to bring up the notion that Heide-Park is missing more of those specially themed places like for example Europa-Park has got. Except the new Maya Tal everything seems a bit higgledy-piggledy put together with no nearby rides having anything to do with each other. Other than that it's an awesome park.

Re: Chessington 2010 Beanoland Overlay by Graeme Graeme Profile at 8/1/09 10:01:33 AM

I don't really have much to say about rethemes, but welcome to Pepe. Are you from France?

By the way, I love these "sexy stomach" adverts, but I'm afraid I don't believe some of them! ;)