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Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City

Posted: 6/26/09 at 4:16:35 AM
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Hey guys!

Just want to let you know that the new version of the classic ride is beyond hair-raising! From the moment you are strapped in to the moment you are hurled straight to the ground the adrenaline never stop pumping! Been at the theme park about two months ago and goodness, are they revamping and straithening the park out! I guess it is for the 2010 Soccer World Cup visitors.
The only down-side to this is the fact that a visit to the park will reveal that most of the big rides like the Anaconda, Golden Loop and some smaller rides are closed. But being the adrenaline-junkie that I am, this was the least of my worries. The new Tower of Terror must be rated as the scariest ride of all time and with the new ride car and lift system, they don't afford you a few moments of just go!

Well, I hope to hear from you lot again...and maybe even see in 2010!!!

Re: Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City by mikejenkins1 at 7/21/09 10:42:30 AM

I would still love to see a POV of this ride?
Anyone have it or know where to get one?

Re: Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City by Corkscrew_Foley Corkscrew_Foley Profile at 7/21/09 6:45:37 PM

Mike, I haven't been able to find one yet either. I have seen one with Anaconda--it's a spread out Batman, which is alright with me. :)

Re: Tower of Terror at Gold Reef City by TrickTrack TrickTrack Profile at 7/22/09 8:51:46 AM

Here is a video of the refurbished version with a shaky pov. Check the big boy in the second row, he doesn´t enjoy it that much.